The Cobra S3 E9 is one of the most forgiving clubs we have ever tested.
Our high handicap testers (18+) loved this club to a man - they hit it longer and straighter than any other iron.
And our mid handicappers reported that it was nigh on impossible to hit anything but long, high, straight shots.
Lower handicappers had reservations because the Cobra S3 is not easy to shape, but this club was not designed for low handicappers, so their
opinions are not so important in this particular test.

Cutting edge technology gives the Cobra S3 E9 the perfect sweet spot throughout the set, a low centre of gravity, a solid feel, superb balance,
and excellent vibration damping, plus an improved sole for better contact.
And if looks are important to you - this club is gorgeous!

Our Verdict
Not the best choice if you insist on being able to shape your shots - but if you're that good - you should be using a blade! If you struggle with
consistency, and you want to make this game as easy as possible - the Cobra S3 E9 is for you. Not a cheap option but if you really want the most
forgiving irons on the market,the Cobra S3 E9 is worth the price tag - especially if you buy them from
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King Cobra S3 E9 Game Improvement Irons