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The Macgregor DCT Response Face-Off is a superb putting machine.
The ability to switch faces makes it a good choice if you play different courses with different green speeds.
This feature works well, and is a nice idea - but that's not what got this putter into out Top Ten.
What really impressed us was the
DCT (Distance Control Technology).
Only Macgregor have this technology - and it works a treat!
Golfers often blame poor feel or bad judgement for their lack of success on long putts.
But quite often the real problem is that they are not making contact with the putter's sweet spot.
It has been proved that if you miss the sweet-spot when hitting a 40ft putt - it will come up 12ft short.
But this does not happen with a Macgregor DCT Putter. Even mis-hits roll the same distance as perfect strikes.
The Macgregor DCT range are superb from long distance - and pretty good from close range too!
Golf - Top 10 Techno Putters
Macgregor DCT Response Face-Off
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