Mizuno have long enjoyed a world class reputation for making the very best irons for the very best ball strikers.
They are not so famous for their game-improvement irons. But, the times they are a changing!

The new Mizuno JPX 800 series is absolutely fabulous - offering something for players of all levels, from beginners to pros.
For this test we looked at the Mizuno JPX 800
HD - an ultra-forgiving, high-launching variation of the original JPX 800.
We asked 100 volunteer golfers to take part in our test - This is what we found.

Like all Mizuno clubs, the JPX 800HD is beautifully presented, and very stylish - most of our testers loved the look of it, but some of our
lower handicappers felt that the top-line was a tad on the chunky side.

This HD version is all about getting the ball airborne and creating a high, straight flight pattern - and this is exactly what out testers
achieved. Long, straight, high shots flew thick and fast from just about all of our testers.
High handicappers found this club incredibly easy to use, and most of them fell in love with it.

Our Verdict
Lower handicappers may prefer the more workable standard JPX800 or the JPX800 Pro - but for high handicappers the HD version is just
about perfect. And if you are worried about street-cred, the HD version looks very similar to the Pro.
Mizuno JPX 800 HD Irons
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