Ugly but effective!
That may be a bit harsh - many of our 100 volunteer testers loved the way these clubs look - so "Space-Age!".
But looks really don't matter when a golf club performs like the Nike SQ Machspeed - these things are awesome!

The technology involved here is all about weight and power - these clubs are incredibly light, which aids club-head speed, and an
ultra-thin club-face creates an incredibly "hot" sweet-spot. This combination equals amazing distance.
Shots from most of our testers flew high, straight and VERY long. Our less powerful testers loved the extra distance - around fifteen yards
or one and a half clubs longer! Some of our stronger testers felt that the Nike SQ Machspeed irons were just a little too light - which took
away their feel for the club-head - but they soon adjusted to the difference.

We may have laughed at these clubs when we first laid eyes on them - but our mirth gave way to sheer admiration when we started
hitting them. It seems that Nike have had the courage to focus on function rather than form.
And for that, they deserve our respect. Massively long and very impressive.
Nike SQ Machspeed Game Improvement Irons
Who should buy these clubs?
Golfers who want as much power as possible, and who don't care if their friends laugh at them!

Our Verdict
If looks are crucial to you - buy something else! But if all you care about is hitting far distant greens, then get a set of Nike SQ Machspeed
 irons, and keep reminding yourself that, he who laughs last, laughs longest!
Golf - The Top Ten Game-Improvement Irons
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