Ping is all about quality engineering - a bit like Porsche. Looks-wise, the Porsche 911 has hardly changed in 40 years.
But engineering-wise, it has never stopped evolving and improving. The same can be said of Ping golf clubs.

When you buy a set of Pings, you are buying into 40 years of consistent progressive-engineering, and 40 years of continuous improvement.

G10 is the latest engineering "tweak".  And what a fabulous golf club this is! The balance is perfect, the build-quality is streets ahead
of almost everything else on the market, and the matching from club to club is absolutely spot-on!
It also looks fabulous, and the Ping logo gives it all the street-cred in the world!
Ping G10 Irons
Golf - The Top Ten Game-Improvement Irons
Who should buy this club?
Everybody! Why?
Because good golf is all about consistency - and no golf club on the planet offers greater consistency than a Ping.
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