Golf - Choosing A Putter
There is a vast array of putters on the market today, and choosing the right putter for you is not always easy.
There are three aspects to sinking a put.
First you have to
read the putt - which way will the ball break, and by how much?
Then you must
align your putter correctly, and roll the ball exactly the right distance.

Sadly, no golf club in the world can read the putt for you!
But once you have chosen your line, a good putter can assist you with your
alignment and your feel for distance.

Putters that help most with your alignment tend to help least with your feel for distance.
And putters that offer the best feel for distance tend to be more difficult to align!
Nobody said this game was supposed to be easy!

So:-  When choosing a putter, be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.
If you stand over short putts, with no real idea of where your putter is aiming - get an alignment putter!
If you can roll those three and four footers in with no problem, but your long putting is abysmal - get a feel putter.

Generally speaking...
Mallet putters help more with alignment  -
Blade putters provide a better feel for distance.
And the latest techno-putters are an attempt to help with both alignment and distance.

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