Buying Golf Equipment Online
The Pros & The Cons
There is no question, the big online stores are cheaper - sometimes a great deal cheaper.

Again, the big online stores can offer a choice of equipment that no local pro could possibly hope to match.

Speed and cost of delivery.
Your local pro wins this one. You pay your money and ten minutes later you're hitting shots with your lovely new driver!

Returns policy - the possible downside to buying golf equipment online
Your local pro wins this one hands down! It's a no-brainer!
If you buy a club from your local pro, and it breaks - he will fix it or replace it straight away.
But this is definitely NOT the case with some online golf stores.

Online golf stores tempt us with some amazing bargains.
And there is no doubt that many online stores can offer far lower prices than your local golf-pro.  
But there is one serious possible downside to buying golf clubs online.
The bad news is - If you buy a three hundred quid driver and it breaks, some online stores will not replace it!
Here is a quote direct from
American Golf...

"We will send it back to the manufacturer who will inspect the item and then, at their discretion, repair, replace or offer a like for like
replacement, issue a voucher or they may, in certain cases, return the faulty item if they feel there is no manufacturing fault at blame.
In some cases where the manufacturer feels there is no manufacturing fault, they may offer to repair the faulty item at your cost.
If you accept the offer you will be required to pay for the repair before we instruct the manufacturer to proceed."

We asked how long this process takes
(we already knew the answer because we have had to return four drivers to American Golf in the last twelve months).
They told us that it usually takes around 28 days. But in our experience that's the absolute minimum.
Our Verdict
We would have no hesitation in buying most golf equipment online - especially things like golf balls, gloves, and other small items.
But when it comes to drivers - we would be more hesitant. Most of the drivers we have bought have been perfect - we have had very few problems.
But if you do buy a driver online, and it breaks, you will wish you had paid the extra money and bought it from your local club-pro.
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