The moment our testers got hold of the Callaway X Tour Wedge - they all wanted to hit the Phil Mickelson Flop Shot!
The Callaway X Tour is a fabulous wedge - but it will not turn you into Phil Mickelson!
It will, however, provide you with the best possible tool for tackling almost any situation around the green.
The Callaway X Tour wedge is a club for golfers of all

The size and shape of the head inspired confidence in
our testers, even the very high handicappers.

The weight and the balance impressed our better
players, and everybody liked the way the leading edge
hugged the ground.

The "Mack Daddy Grooves" are the widest and
sharpest on the market - providing unrivalled spin and

And of course, this wedge opens up perfectly for those
high flop shots.

Our verdict: The Callaway X-Tour Wedges are
beautifull designed and superbly made. They tick all the
right boxes.
They may not turn you into Phil Mickleson - but almost!
Shop around online for the best deals
and bag yourself a genuine bargain!
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Callaway X Tour