Cleveland Golf are famous for the quality of their wedges. Dozens of tour players swear by them.
Cleveland make some of the finest wedges in the world - and they have a
fiercely loyal following - especially among low-handicap and pro golfers.

CG12 pictured here was an absolute masterpiece! Maybe the best
wedge that Cleveland ever made. And that's quite a statement!

The CG15 is another classic - perfect weight and balance for better players.

The weight and the balance are just about perfect in all Cleveland wedges,
and their leading edges hug the ground - taking the fear out of tight lies.

Their grooves are scalpel sharp - providing fantastic spin.

And the CG12 is the choice of so many tour pros - so it has all the street-cred
in the world.

Our verdict: One of the greatest wedges of all time! If you are serious about
your short game - this club should be in your bag.
The Top 10 Wedges
Cleveland CG Series