Lynx Golf have a lot to be proud of.
They build top quality clubs and they bring them to the marketplace at very reasonable prices.
Our testers liked several wedges from the Lynx range - but the new Hallmark came out on top.
The Lynx Hallmark is amazing! It is solid proof that top
quality golf clubs can have bargain price tags.

We tested three models from Lynx, and all of them could have
made the top 10. My own favourite was the Lynx MF-8620
grooved (I liked it so much - I bought one!) but after some
deliberation, our testers voted for the Hallmark. And what a
superb golf club it is!

Lynx use a unique forging process that creates golf clubs with
unbelievably soft feel.

The Hallmark is heavy - which is just how a good wedge
should be - and the balance is perfect.

The Hallmark also has a milled face which, along with the
perfectly cut grooves, promotes a very high spin rate -
ensuring that your shots stop on a dime!

The Hallmark is available in a choice of lofts and bounces. And
at such a low price - you could buy two Lynx wedges for the
price of one from Callaway or Cleveland.

It's hard to believe that such a great wedge could cost so
little! But you can take out word for it - the Lynx Hallmark is
one of those rare market miracles - a top quality product at a
bargain basement price!
Shop around online for the best deals
and bag yourself a genuine bargain!
Lynx Hallmark Forged
The Top 10 Wedges