Mizuno need no introduction from me. Everybody knows that they make some of the finest golf clubs in the world.
With their grain forging process, Mizuno produce golf clubs that feel better than anything else on the market.
Wedge play is all about feel - so who better to supply your wedges than Mizuno!
The Mizuno MP Tour Series wedges are stunning to look at,
they have more street-cred thay pretty much anything on the
market - and they perform perfectly.

Our testers, especially the lower handicappers, were blown
away by the feel and the feedback that these wedges provide.

For accurate ball-strikers, the Mizuno MP Tour wedge is as good
as it gets. The weight and the balance are spot on. The grooves
provide plenty of spin without shredding your golf ball.  
Shots stop very quickly.

The club also opens up nicely for those high flop shots.
And the "tour grind" sole, inspired by Mizuno's tour pros, allows
for creative shot making around the green.

Our verdict: The Mizuno MP Tour series make the perfect choice
for better players who seek balance and feel in their wedges
rather than forgiveness. Good golfers do not need forgiveness
from a sand/lob wedge!
The Top 10 Wedges
Mizuno MP Tour Wedge Series
Mizuno MP Tour Wedge Series