They say that this is the wedge that Tiger uses!
They also say that he played a big part in helping to develop it - so it's obviously a pretty darn good wedge!
But is it right for the average golfer? Actually - it is!
It's just about perfect!
These TW wedges are the best clubs that Nike have ever made.
There is nothing revolutionary or mind-blowing about them - but
they are definitely the next step in the evolution of the golf wedge.

A good wedge should feel heavy - to encourage a slow, rhythmic
swing - but it should also be balanced - to enhance timing and feel.
The Nike TW is absolutely spot on in both of these departments.

The shape is traditional teardrop with a hint of sleek modern style.
All surplus bulk has been removed - to enhance creative shotmaking.

The leading edge is sharp - perfect for tight lies, the bounce only
comes into play if you want it to - so no nasty surprises, thinned
shots, or smiling golf balls. And when you open the club up to play
a high lob, it sits perfectly - inspiring total confidence.

The forged 1030 carbon steel provides a soft feel and plenty of
feedback. The grooves provide excellent spin without shredding
your golf ball.  And the price is very fair for a club of this quality.
The Top 10 Wedges
Nike Tiger Woods