The Ping Tour-W is the closest thing you will find to a magic wand!
Buy one of these and you will actually look forward to your next bunker shot!
Ping make their clubs using a casting method and they
have always struggled to match the softer feel of forged
clubs - until now!

The Ping Tour-W Wedge series have a "squidgy" insert
in the rear cavity, to promote a softer feel. And it works.
This wedge has the softest feel of all the clubs we
tested. However...

Some of the die-hards among our testers suggested
that the insert creates a "false positive" ie it actually
masks the true feel of the club and distorts the feedback
to your hands.
"Like wrapping an elastic band around the hosel."

The die-hards may have a valid point. Damping down
the vibration is not the same as creating true feel.

But no matter what the die-hards said about the feel,
they couldn't argue with the Ping's results.
The Ping Tour-W Wedge performed faultlessly.
It was the most accurate club in our tests!
The Top 10 Wedges
Ping Tour-W