The Taylor Made Z-TP is a superbly revamped version of the highly successful RAC wedge.
This club is more beautiful and more versatile than its predecessor. A fabulous achievement from Taylor Made.
It's not easy to improve upon something that is already almost perfect, but
Taylor Made have managed it with the Z-TP wedge.

It's predecessor, the RAC wedge was a fabulous golfing tool. Many people
thought it was the ultimate wedge - impossible to improve.  
But the new Z-TP is even better!

From a distance it looks a tad on the bland side - there are no bright logos on
display, and unlike many golf clubs, the Z-TP doesn't scream "Look at me! I'm
gorgeous!" But, close-up, this club a work of art - like a piece of golfing

The weight and the balance are perfect -  this club was designed with tour pros
in mind - and shape of the head makes it ideal for playing a wide variety of
shots around the green.

Spin levels are exactly what you would expect - spot on!

And the Taylor Made logo gives it all the street-cred in the world.
Our verdict:
For serious golfers and art lovers - this is your tool! The Taylor Made Z-TP is a
wedge to be proud of. Buy one and treasure it! And on days when you're not
using it - display it on your wall, like a samurai sword!
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Taylor Made Z-TP