Titleist Vokey Design - Spin Milled
titleist vokey design spin milled wedge close up 2009
Titleist Vokey Design wedges are developed by Master craftsman Bob Vokey using feedback from real golfers -  not from computer data.
They look right, they feel just perfect, and no wedge on the market has a better reputation than a Titleist Vokey Design.
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New wedges come and go - today's hot number is tomorrow's
trash. But the Titleist Vokey series has stood the test of time, and
my guess is that it will be a very long time before anybody
improves upon them.

This club has more street-cred than any other wedge - and it got
that street-cred by being a top quality, no frills working tool.

The latest incarnation is the Vokey Spin Milled - which has precisely
cut grooves offering 30% more groove volume than regular
wedges. The result is enhanced friction, and therefore more
consistent and higher spin, particularly in wet conditions.

The Vokey is available in a vast range of lofts, bounces, and
finishes - something for every golfer and every situation.

The weight and balance are perfect, and in our view there is no
better wedge in the world - especially for better players.

With a Vokey in your bag, you are making a statement to your
fellow players - "I am a serious golfer - and I know what I'm
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Titleist Vokey Design - Spin Milled