TaylorMade Golf is an American based subsidiary of the German Adidas Company.

TaylorMade lead the world in the development of golf drivers.
They were the first to develop and market the metal driver - a club that completely changed the game of golf.
Their bubble-shafted drivers were another revolutionary development.
And they were the first company to introduce drivers with adjustable heads.

For most of my golfing life I have been in love with TaylorMade drivers.
In my job, here at The Top Ten Site, I get to try just about every golf club on the market.
I have tested hundreds of drivers from every major brand over the past few years - and many of them have been superb.
But my driver of choice - the one in my personal golf bag - has always been a TaylorMade.

And for much of that time I was also extremely fond of TaylorMade as a company.
I felt that they cared about me (as a customer) and that they sincerely wanted me to be a better golfer.

Sadly, I no longer feel that way!
I still love TaylorMade drivers - but I seriously dislike the way they are behaving as a company.

They bring our a "New" driver every five minutes!
Every so often they bring out a genuinely new driver. They lead the world in golf club research and development.
But far too many of their so-called "New" clubs offer, in terms of performance, nothing new whatsoever.
The tiniest tweak  to the technology, or even just a different paint job, is marketed as a "new" driver. They don't seem to
care if the new driver performs better or not - the only questions they ask is "Can we sell it?"  "Will the suckers buy it?"
But adding a "Go-Faster" stripe to last year's model does not constitute a revolutionary new development - it's a con.

This attitude is desperately disappointing.
I no longer feel safe with TaylorMade (like part of the family).  
I feel irrelevant, almost threatened (like they'd slit my throat for the price of a "New" driver.)

And here's a joke!
Mark King, CEO and President of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf said this in an interview with Sports Business Journal
"What I Don’t Like ...In business: Marketing spin. I hate when brands mislead the consumer."

So - Should you buy TaylorMade golf clubs?
Yes! Buy TaylorMade clubs - especially your driver - they are superb. They are fantastic.
But try to get last year's model - it's the same as this year's, but a lot cheaper.
And don't buy every "new" model that comes out - because most of them have nothing worthwhile new about them.

And Finally...
If you buy a Taylormade driver, make sure you pay for express delivery.
Otherwise, by the time it arrives it will be out of date!
TaylorMade - Can you trust them?
Or would they slit your throat for the price of a new driver?
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