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The Top Ten Site receives hundreds of requests - many of them offering us a lot of money
to recommend various e-books, training-aids, improvement programs etc.
We have checked out dozens of them - but we have never agreed to recommend one - until now.
Eric Jones - World Long Drive Champion.
Eric Jones is the real deal!

Eric Jones knows what he is talking about.

He is the current world long drive champion
(in his age-group). And he has won dozens of
other Long Drive titles.

When it comes to distance, Eric Jones has
been there, he's done it - and he has the
T-Shirts to prove it!

He is also a qualified PGA Instructor, and he
has a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology.

He is a highly intelligent man, with a passion
for golf and a genuine talent for teaching.

Five Keys To Distance  program works!

I know this for a fact - I have been following
Eric's advice for several months now. I have
added many yards my drives, and I am hitting
more fairways than ever before.

My name is Terry C Jenkins, I am the chief
editor of the golf section of The Top Ten Site.
Integrity is crucial to me - nobody can buy my
recommendation - it has to be won on merit.
Five Keys To Distance is not a quick fix. It is not a "secret move" that will suddenly give you massive drives.
It is a program of improvement - it takes time - but if you follow the program, you WILL hit the golf ball longer - much longer.
Eric says at least 20 yards - but Eric is a modest man, and 20 yards is a very modest claim.
I have been following the program for three months, I have gained 40 yards - and I am nowhere near finished yet!

The full program is not cheap - but in my opinion it is worth every penny, and more.
You could spend fortunes on fancy drivers, hi-tech golf balls, training-aids, lessons, etc etc - but no driver, no golf ball, no
quick-fix, no training aid, can give you a fraction of the improvement that you will gain if you follow Eric's program. I promise you!

So, what do you get for your money?
You get DVDs in which Eric explains and demonstrates all of the drills that you'll be using during the program.
You get a hard-copy book that explains the entire program in great detail.
You get a selection of tools to help you plot your progress, and to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

You also get Member Access to Eric's website - where you'll find a huge amount of help and advice about everything you need to
make you a longer, straighter driver - including information about how to practice, golf psychology, and how to take your best
game onto the golf course. In short - you get a lot for your money. And you get it from a World Long Drive Champion.

The Top Ten Site definitely recommends Eric Jones and his Five Keys To Distance
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