The Top Ten 10 HDTV Manufacturers
Best place to buy your TV?

Our highest recommendation goes to JOHN LEWIS -
They offer a
free 5 year warranty on all TVs, their customer service is second to none,
their website is easy to use, and their payment service is totally secure. Highly recommended.  
If you don't already own one - now is the time to buy an HDTV.
Just about every TV network now broadcasts most of its content in high-definition - so an HDTV is an essential household item.

3D TV is still something of a gimmick - there is not enough 3D content out there.
Plus - we believe that 3D technology will evolve from its current state - making today's 3D TVs obsolete.

This is not the case with HDTV.
HDTV broadcasting is now standard across the world - and it is unlikely to change.
Plus - the marketing people are pushing 3D like crazy - leaving stores full of "unwanted" HDTVs.

There are HDTV bargains to be had! And these are the brands you should be looking for...
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