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Weight Watchers - New Approach

Weight Watchers have been helping people lose weight since 1963.
They have helped more dieters than any other company in history - but, in the early years especially, they had their fair share of critics.
The main criticism was that Weight Watchers was only a temporary fix - and that their system was a major cause of "yo-yo dieting".
It worked until you stopped going to their meetings - and then you regained your all of your lost weight and more.
We have spoken to dozens of people who used Weight Watchers "back in the day" and we believe that the criticism was valid.
Although, to be fair to Weight Watchers, the same criticism could have been aimed at almost any weight-loss system a few years ago.

But Not Any More...
Weight Watchers - New Approach
It is now far more widely understood that losing excess weight is just Part One of the problem. Part Two is keeping it off!
Weight Watchers New Approach addresses both parts of the problem - and it does it at least as well as any other system on today's market.
It uses the tried and tested nutritional science, plus some excellent psychology, plus the latest technology, to make everything easy.

One of the best things about Weight Watchers (for us!) is that so many people use their systems - so our research was very easy to conduct!
We spoke to over six hundred current, or recent Weight-Watchers customers - the biggest sample in any of our weight-loss surveys.

This is what they told us...
Weight Watchers use a points system which is easy to understand, and even easier to follow.
Just about every food you can think of is given a points value and you, the customer, are given a "points budget"
You can eat just about any food you like - as long as you stay within your "budget".
At first glance it looks a tad complicated - but it is actually REALLY simple.
Weight Watchers provide every possible aid to help you along your way - including online tools, and apps for your phone.
Just about every Weight Watchers customer we spoke to said that the points system is utterly simple to follow.

They also told us that it doesn't feel like dieting.
There are no restrictions on what kinds of food you can eat, or when you have to eat them.

Here are some real quotes from Weight Watchers customers...
"It changes the way you think about food."  "Food is no longer the enemy!"  "I'm never hungry."  "I never feel guilty!"  "I'm in control of my eating"

The only real criticisms we heard were about the cost.
"You are paying a lot of money for basic advice, a few apps and some recipes  - all of which you could get for free if you surf the net a little!"

Our Verdict:
Not the cheapest way of losing weight, and yes you could get most of it for free elsewhere on the Internet - eventually!
But well worth the money if you are looking for something simple, well organised, enjoyable, effective - and all in one place.
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