Top 10 Ten Diets / Weight Loss Programs
The Atkins Diet

Ten years ago, Dr Robert Atkins took the weight-loss world by storm with his book "The Atkins Diet".
There was no doubting that it worked, and that it worked very quickly - but it was very controversial.
Many nutritionists and doctors criticised it - saying that it was "against known nutritional science" and that it could be dangerous.
Back then the "experts" believed that low-fat and high carb diets were the solution to obesity.
However, nutritional science has advanced, and it now appears that Dr Atkins was right all along, and the "experts" were wrong.
The Atkins Diet
This is how The Atkins Diet works...
The Atkins diet is a low-carb, high-protein weight loss programme, designed to force your body to burn off its fat reserves without starving you!
It starts with a very low-carb phase designed for extremely rapid weight loss - up to 15lbs in two weeks.

You’re encouraged to eat plenty of the allowed foods meat, seafood, eggs, cheese, butter and oils (you should never be hungry on this diet).
You are not allowed to eat sugars, fruit, starch, bread, pasta, most vegetables (just 20 grams a day) or any other carbs.

Carbs are the body's fastest and easiest sources of energy -
If we stop eating them, our bodies will start to use our fat reserves for the energy we need - and we will lose weight very quickly.

During the next three phases, regular exercise is encouraged, and more carbs, fruit and veg are gradually re-introduced to your diet.
The final aim is to find the correct balance of carbs for YOUR BODY. Too many carbs and your body will start storing fat again.
Our Verdict: (The perfect diet for men!)
We KNOW that The Atkins Diet works - we have seen the proof for ourselves on dozens of occasions.
Phase one is unbelievably effective at shifting a lot of weight very quickly - and it is
especially popular with men.
To most men a "wholesome, satisfying salad" is just a plate of rabbit food!
But on the Atkins Diet,
we guys can eat steak and eggs five times a day if we want to - and still lose a ton of weight! How good is that!
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