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"Boosshing"  is a simple, new and very popular way to lose any amount of weight from 5lbs to 10 stone or more.

This is how it works...
Boossh send everything you need in the form of "mealpaks" - dehydrated meals (as used by astronauts, explorers and mountaineers).
You simply open them, re-hydrate them, heat them up and "enjoy" them. You can buy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack packs.
Explorers carry this kind of food because it is light, easy to prepare, and contains all of their nutritional needs.

These days several companies, including Boossh, are marketing tastier versions of the same concept - for people who want to lose weight.
Each Mealpak provides 25% of your basic nutritional needs - so four a day supply all of your needs, but with a minimal amount of calories!
The packs are essentially high-protein, low carb meals, and there is a wide choice of meals available.

The cost of Booshhing seems quite high at first glance, but when you consider that you will be buying hardly any other food, it's not so expensive
after all. And you'll be rapidly heading for your target weight. But you MUST stick to the plan, or you'll be wasting your money.

We secretly enrolled five researchers onto the Boossh system - This what they reported back to us.
All of our researchers lost weight very quickly - an average of 12lbs (5.4 kilos) in a month.
Boossh meals varied from "just about edible!" to "not bad actually" - and some of them were "remarkably tasty!"
Two of our five researchers felt that the meals were too small and said they felt hungry early on in the program - but they soon adapted.
The other researches felt that the portions were adequate - all of our researchers have decided to stick with Boossh for another month.
Our Verdict:
Our research group was very small - just five people, so our results are not as conclusive as we would like.
However, this is what we think...
If you join Boossh and stick to the plan, you will definitely lose weight and you will lose it very quickly.
Ideal for single people, busy people, and those who generally eat alone - or couples who both need to lose weight.
Not great for anyone who has to cook for a family or non-dieting partner - because sticking to the plan requires a lot of self-discipline.
Also not ideal if you are used to eating very large meals - the transition to Boossh size portions may simply be too drastic for you.

Final Word:
Give it a go for a couple of weeks. It won't break the bank, and you WILL lose weight. Click the banner below to visit their website.
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