Top 10 Ten Diets / Weight Loss Programs
Diet Chef is, in our view, the "tastiest" of the new companies providing a simple, new and very popular way to lose weight.

This is how it works...
You visit the
Diet Chef website and choose from over 100 chef-prepared meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks).

Each meal is nutritionally balanced and calorie-counted - and delivered to your door.

Boossh, Saints & Slimmers, and Weight To Go, the cost seems quite high at first glance, but when you consider that all of your meals are
provided and you will be buying hardly any other food, it's not so expensive after all. And if you stick to the plan, you'll definitely lose weight.

We secretly enrolled three Top Ten Site researchers onto the Diet Chef system - This what they reported back to us.
They all lost weight quickly - an average of 12lbs (5.4 kilos) in a month - exactly the same as our Boossh researchers!
They all reported that the food was extremely tasty - but that portions seemed a tad on the small size.
All of them decided to stick with Diet Chef for another month.
Diet Chef
Our Diet Chef research group was very small - just three people, so our results are not as conclusive as we would like.

However, this is what we think about
Diet Chef...
If you join Diet Chef and stick to the plan, you will definitely lose weight and you will lose it quickly.
If you are used to large meals, you WILL feel hungry for the first few days - until you adjust to the smaller portions.
And you will definitely enjoy these meals - they are delicious.

Diet Chef meals are Nutritionally balanced. Very tasty. Good value for money. Almost no preparation required. Delivered to your door. Calories
counted for you. Portion sizes may seem small to big eaters - but they are sufficient, and after a few days, you will adjust to correct size meals.

Apart from training yourself to eat "correct" size portions, you won't learn much from this program - eg how to count calories for yourself and
maintain your healthy eating when you leave the program.
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