Top 10 Ten Diets / Weight Loss Programs
Saints & Slimmers describe themselves as "Life Enhancer" rather than a diet.

We chose them for our Top Ten because the
Saints & Slimmers website offers all of its services and online tools FREE of charge - including personal
plans, expert advice, peer group community support, low calorie recipes, family-friendly cooking advice, and more.

In fact, the only things you ever have to pay for with Saints & Sinners are their pre-packed home delivery meals and snacks - if you choose to buy them.
But there is no pressure to buy them, you still get everything else for free. We like this approach a lot! It is honourable and it is fair.

Weight Watchers Online and Slimming World Online charge fairly substantial membership fees for this kind of help and advice.

Our Verdict:
We like Saints & Slimmers a LOT. They offer a perfect "marriage" between the traditional weight-loss programmes (like Weight Watchers Online and
Slimming World Online) and the new Home Delivery Ready-Meal programmes (like Boossh, Weight to Go, and Diet Chef).

But the thing we like most about them is the fact that all of their tools, advice, support and recipes are free to anyone who logs into their website.
Saints & Slimmers
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