Possibly the most awesome sight in the natural world!
A close-up and personal view of a Humpback Whale in full breach will take your breath away!
The sheer majesty of a 52 foot, 50 ton creature leaping clear out of the ocean is something that simply cannot
be described in words. But I can tell you how it makes you feel.

Goose-bumps rise all over your body, your heart pounds with the excitement, your eyes widen in awe and
amazement, you feel humble and small - yet privileged that, like this whale, you are a part of something
remarkable and important. You are a living creature on this wonderful planet - and being alive is a joy!

You will return home to your job and your everyday life, inspired and renewed by what you have seen.
And the memory of it will stay with you forever.
Top 10 Ten Natural Wonders
Humpback Whales
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