Top Ten 10 Bad Credit Loans
Independent Bad Credit Loans Review
Bad credit loans are for people who have CCJs, arrears or a poor credit history - so cannot get a standard loan.

Most loan providers only offer bad credit loans to homeowners.

This means that the amount borrowed is secured against the applicant's property, so the lender could repossess your home
and reclaim their funds if you fail to make your payments.

The main difference between a secured loan and a bad credit loan is the interest rate -
bad credit loans charge very high interest.

Most bad credit loans are provided by brokers with access to many loan plans. Most brokers make money from both ends of
the arrangement - ie they earn commission from the finance company, and they charge you an arrangement fee.

Bad credit loans should only be considered as a last-ditch option.

Please be aware:
Money lenders are NOT your friends!
Their primary aim is to make money from you.
If you really need the money, and have exhausted all other avenues,
then a bad credit loan may be your only option.

But remember - YOU are the customer, you are not RECEIVING a loan - you are PURCHASING it.
And whichever lender you choose - you will pay far more than the loan is actually worth.

So treat it like any other purchase - shop around for the best terms and conditions.
And if you feel that you are being ripped off - purchase your loan from somebody else.
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