The Top Bank Robbers in UK History
Fred Goodwin, aka Sir Frederick Anderson Goodwin, aka Fred The Shred - is
the "Mastermind" behind the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
How much did Sir Fred's "heist" cost the bank?  At least £24 Billion!!!
What was Fred's cut?  
For his excellent leadership Sir Fred received over £10 million in salary,
around four times that amount in bonuses, and a retirement fund of £16 million.

He now receives a pension of around £700,000 a year - funded by ordinary UK tax-payers.
Fred likes playing with guns -
but he didn't need one to pull off one of the biggest heists in UK history!
Adam Applegarth was the chief executive of Northern Rock - one of the worst managed banks in history.

They say that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
And in true Nero style, Adam Applegarth did his share of fiddling too.
According to the Daily Mirror, while Northern Rock was burning,
Adam was fiddling with a female member of his staff.
He flew her to the United States up to six times a year to stay in luxury hotels.

Under Adam's "leadership" Northern Rock made short-term profits
(and Adam made huge bonuses) by agreeing
to thousands of irresponsible loans.
Northern Rock is now responsible for 1 in 10 house repossessions in the UK.

And his punishment for failing so miserably at his job?  A £2.5 Million pension fund.
Peter Cummings was the "brilliant" head of lending at HBOS.

He "earned" £2.6million for the year 2007 alone.

Despite his greedy, self-serving, short-term policies,
Peter Cummings was rewarded by HBOS with a retirement fund of around £5.2m.

As HBOS no longer has a pot to piss in,
the cost of Peter's failure is being covered by UK tax payers.
Sir James Crosby,
former chief executive of HBOS ignored warnings that his policies were "dangerous"
and doggedly continued his pursuit of short-term profits (and massive bonus payments for himself).

Despite the dangers he continued to preside over,
and to actively encourage a "risk culture" at HBOS.
He was renowned for dealing harshly with any employees
who dared to criticise of even question his methods.

Sir James strolled away with a pension fund worth £10.4million.

He handed the helm to another one of our top bank "bandits" - Andy Hornby.

Steven Crawshaw single-handedly destroyed the Bradford & Bingley.
In pursuit of short-term profits, he sold their estate agency business,
their mortgage broking division, their property services unit
and their network of financial advisers.  And half of their workforce was "offloaded".

His "vision" was to create a specialist mortgage lender - focused on high-risk customer groups -

Crawshaw received a salary of £832,000, and earned £1.1m in bonuses between 2004 and 2007.

Crawshaw recklessly steered his ship into a financial ice-berg - and then abandoned it - just before it sank.

He left with a pension pot worth £1.9m – now being paid by the UK taxpayer.
Andrew Hedley Hornby was once thought to be the boy wonder of British banking -
but he's just another bandit.

He took over the helm of HBOS from Sir James Crosby, and steered HBOS to destruction.
When HBOS disappeared beneath the waves, Andy received a pension pot of £2.4 Million.

As part of the HBOS rescue package, agreed by the Government and LLoyds TSB, Andy lost his job.
But he has been retained by Lloyds TSB as a "consultant".

While people all over Britain are losing their homes and their businesses -
and pensioners are suffering - all as a result of Hornby's greed -
Hornby is being paid £60,000 a month (£720,000 a year) by Lloyds TSB!

How can that be right!
The Great British Banking Scandal
Greedy, self-serving chief executives have cost our banks more money than all of the armed robbers in history!
Now, like it or not, British tax-payers are stumping up the cash to maintain these bandits in their multi-millionaire lifestyles.
These are some of the major players - None of them has paid to appear on our site!

My Verdict
What do I think of this situation?
Like any right-minded person, I think it's a disgrace and a scandal.

These people should not be rewarded for their failure - they should be punished.

Their failure was not an unfortunate accident - it was the result of reckless management, fuelled by greed.
They knew what they were doing, and they knew the risks - but they simply didn't care.

They abandoned all common sense, and they abdicated their responsibilities in pursuit of short term gains.
And not one of them gave a damn about the consequences of their actions.

Their attitude was "Screw common sense! Let's make as much money as we can right now!"

And let's face it, their own futures were never in doubt.
They were paid ridiculous bonuses for endangering their banks - and they walked away with massive pensions.

This kind of self-serving recklessness may not be a criminal offence - but it should be!

British taxpayers should NOT be paying for the millionaire lifestyles of these bandits.
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