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BodySolid G4I Home Multi-Gym
BodySolid build some of the highest
quality and innovative multi-gyms
on the market.

Their Iso-Flex™ system allows a 3D
range of motion to replicate a free
weight workout on the bench press,
incline press, decline press, triceps
press and pec fly exercises.

No other multi-gym can offer such
fluid movement in three dimensions.

This system works the targeted
muscles as well as secondary
stabiliser muscles for more overall
muscle growth and coordination.

It's like working with free-weights,
but without the risks. You'll never
need a spotter, and there is no
danger of dropping the weights.

We tested the
BodySolid G41 and
we were mightily impressed. It is  
strongly built, easy to use, is very
well priced and it comes with a
lifetime guarantee!

Our Verdict: We couldn't fault it!
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