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IronMan Home Multi-Gyms
The IronMan Multi-Gym series took us completely by
surprise - they are remarkable!

Okay, they have a kind of dated appearance, the way
multi-gyms looked before the stylists became involved.
And they lack some of the recent safety features (like
caged-in weight-stacks). But they are incredibly well built,
they come with masses of weights, you can do just about
every possible strength-building exercise on them, and for
pure serious training purposes they are a match for most
machines several times their price.

The model shown here has four work stations, and it is
built to semi-commercial standards - so it is more than
tough enough for home use.

It has an Ab station, Squat station, Rowing station, Pec
deck station, Dip station, Bench press station, Lat
pulldown, Leg extension, Straight arm pullover, Vertical
knee raise, Tricep pulldown etc etc!

Our verdict: - Not the prettiest machines on the market
(although they are available in white) but definitely the
best bargains if you have the space for one and your
prime objective is to build more muscle. These are very
versatile, solid machines at unbelievable prices.
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