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Which Type of Rowing Machine is best For You?
Buying the right rowing machine can be a daunting task. But if you understand a few rowing-machine basics - it's not really all that complicated.
Read our quick guide - and then click one of the links below to read our top ten 10 rowing machine reviews.

Hydraulic Rowing Machines
Hydraulic rowing machines are generally at the low end of the market. They create resistance by compressing air or liquid
inside cylinders. These machines take up the least space but they also provide the least satisfactory rowing action.
There are no hydraulic machines in our Top Ten.

Magnetic Rowing Machines
Magnetic Rowing Machines are the most popular choice for home use. They create resistance using groups of magnets to
slow down a flywheel. There is no friction in a magnetic system, so magnetic rowing machines are almost silent - a big
bonus for home use! They also have no wearing parts - so they very rarely need repairs or maintenance.
They also usually have very smooth rowing actions.

Air Rowing Machines
Air rowing machines are the most popular with commercial gyms and with serious rowers.
Most Olympic rowing teams train on air machines. These machines do not have adjustable resistance systems like
magnetic machines. Resistance in air machines is progressive - the harder you row, the harder it gets.
Air machines are popular with rowers because they provide a rowing action that is similar to rowing a real boat. On the
down side, good air machines are expensive, and even the quietest air machine will be noisier than a magnetic machine.

Water Rowers
Water Rowers, like air-rowers, use a progressive resistance system - the harder you row, the tougher it gets. Water
Rowers, as you have probably guessed, use water instead of air. They are popular with serious rowers because they feel,
and sound like a genuine 'on the water' rowing experience.
Although water rowers make some noise, it is usually soothing and relaxing.
Rowing machine consoles
Most rowing machines will have some kind of display screen, keeping you informed about things like speed, distance,
calories used, your heart-rate etc, as well as offering a selection of training programmes. The safer machines have
heart-rate controlled programmes that let you know you when you are over (or under) exerting yourself!

Choose Your Rowing machine With Confidence!
We have done the research and we sincerely believe that these are the best home-use rowing machines on the market. Our reviews are
totally independent - no rowing-machine manufacturer has paid to appear on our site.   
Top Ten Rowing Machines.
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