Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina is the most trendy resort of the magnificent Dolomite Region - probably the most trendy resort in all of Italy.
Stylish, chic, and located amid fabulous scenery, this historic village is the costliest of all European resorts.

Cortina boasts a wide variety of slopes for all abilities - but it is the abundance of off-snow activities that makes
Cortina THE winter getaway for those who want to be seen - ie this is a place for posers as much as for skiers!

For the show-off, "Look at me, I'm rich" brigade, Cortina has long been the resort of choice.
Fancy furs and Ferraris abound here - and that's just the ski-instructors and restaurant workers!
Most visitors arrive here by private helicopter!

But even if the town is crowded, the slopes are usually empty, because most of the guests come here to pose.
Dining, shopping, and people watching are as much a part of the scene as skiing and snowboarding.

However, if you seriously want to ski or snow-board here - you can't go far wrong.
You may need a mortgage to pay for a double-espresso here - but the skiing is excellent.
Top 10 Ten Ski Resorts in Europe - Cortina Italy
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