Fact  We have all come to depend on The Internet.  
 We can't find what we want on The Internet without a Web Browser.
Fact  We still have the right and the freedom to choose which Web Browser we use.

This article was originally called "The Top Ten Internet Browsers" - but the fact is...
In all seriousness there are not ten browsers worthy of mention.

When it comes to choosing a web browser - these are the only real contenders.
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Mozilla Firefox
Firefox pioneers so many new ideas and features for Internet users - too many to list here!
Web pages load much faster on Firefox than on Internet Explorer.
Firefox has a brilliant security record, and is far safer than Internet Explorer.
Firefox give its users control of the entire browsing experience - you can change the way it looks and the way it functions.
Firefox is not limited by the skill knowledge and imagination of just a few corporate developers - Firefox is a worldwide
community, and interested, talented and knowledgeable people all over the planet are helping to make it the best.
Mozilla Firefox is better than Internet Explorer in every department. This really is no contest!
Nothing we could find!
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser.
But this is purely because It comes pre-loaded on most new computers - so you don't have to change anything.
Internet Explorer is fully integrated into the Windows operating system - so it will work with every website.
The biggest worry is the feeble levels of security that Internet Explorer provides.
The system is riddled with weaknesses that unscrupulous programmers can and do exploit - often for criminal purposes.
Internet Explorer enjoyed a long period when it was the only viable browser - and it became complacent, dull.
It has improved in recent years - but it is still a follower rather than a leader - and it is still unsafe and very dull.
Avant allows users to block all unwanted pop-up pages and Flash ads.
The integrated cleaner helps maintain privacy.
Avant provides options for blocking the download of Flash media, pictures, video, sounds, etc
All opened pages can be stopped, refreshed, closed, or arranged with one click.
Based on an Internet Explorer platform, Avant has lot of limitations.
Avant is fine as a straightforward browser - but it lacks add-ons and extensions. And it is pretty dull.
Avant doesn't work very well with Windows Vista.
Opera is fast, safe and stylish.
Opera offers tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customisable search bar, some very advanced tools,
and simple integration with search engines, e-mail, messaging sites etc.
Not in the same league as Firefox - but a nice little browser.
We can't think of anything seriously negative to say about Opera, but...
It's just not as good as Firefox - and it doesn't appear to have the ambition to be a major player.
Chrome borrows (steals?) some of the best features from Firefox.
Google have a gift for understanding what Internet users need - and then providing it.

We had high hopes for Google Chrome - but we have been disappointed.
Chrome started promisingly - but it hasn't grown or developed.
It seems to us that Google are merely paying lip-service to the idea that they "ought to have a browser".
But Google Chrome lacks the "heart and soul" factor of Firefox. It is just a browser and nothing more.
Our Verdict

What we have here is a two horse race. Internet Explorer Vs Mozilla Firefox.

It's a tired old cart-horse against a fiery thoroughbred.

The only reason that Internet Explorer is even in the race is because it is part of the Microsoft empire
and it is foisted on almost every computer buyer as part of a bundled package.


Imagine you had a choice of two cars - both of them are free.
We'll call them "The Internal Exploder" and "The Fiery Foxmobile"

The Exploder is slow, dull, it breaks down all the time, and it is not very safe.
The Foxmobile is fast, stylish, reliable and extremely safe.


Just because Internet Explorer arrives with your new computer, doesn't mean you are stuck with it!

We strongly advise you to Get Firefox.
You don't need ANY technical skill or knowledge to install Firefox -
It is all done for you with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Don't take our word for it - try them both!
You probably already have Internet Explorer - so why not conduct your own test?
There is nothing to stop you from having two browsers on your computer, so why not
download Firefox and compare it for yourself? See which is faster,
which looks better, which offers the best add-ons etc etc etc.
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