The Top Ten Fridge Manufacturers
Who makes the best refrigerators? Which fridge brands can you trust?
The brands listed below have scored highest in our tests for the quality of
their materials and their components, their long term reliability, their
reputation as quality brands, and their genuine value for money.

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AEG is part of the Swedish owned
Electrolux Group. They build stylish,
reliable, high quality appliances, and
they build most of them in Europe.
AEG owners have a strong brand
loyalty, and almost all of them would
recommend AEG products,
All Bosh appliances, including fridges,
freezers and fridge-freezers have a
well-earned reputation for reliability
and solid build quality. They are also
stylish and intelligently designed. Most
Bosch appliances are still built in
Europe - but not all of them.
Zanussi, is also part of the Electrolux
Group. Zanussi products are at the
lower end of the Electrolux family, but
they still build high quality appliances.
It;s far better to buy a low-end model
from a quality manufacturer, than a top
of the range model from a lesser
manufacturer like Candy or Hotpoint.
Liebherr is a German company and
they build some of the toughest heavy
machinery on the planet. They also
build tough and reliable domestic
appliances. This company's reputation
for solid engineering is second to none.
Miele is a German manufacturer of
domestic appliances with a huge
reputation for quality and reliability.
Miele still build most of their appliances
in Germany. Miele appliances are
expensive, but you get what you pay
for - quality, reliability, durability, and
all the street-cred in the world!
Neff belongs to a group of German
companies that includes Bosh and
Siemens. Neff appliances are as solid
and dependable as anything else on
the market. Only a handful of
companies in the world can produce
appliances of this quality.
Samsung is a South Korean company
and one of the biggest manufacturers
of electronics in the world. Their
domestic appliances are usually very
reliable, far better than brands like
Indesit or Hotpoint, or Candy or Beko,
but not quite as good as the German
or Swedish brands on this page.
Part of the family of German
companies that includes Neff and
Bosch. Siemens appliances are stylish,
very cleverly designed, and their
technology is as good as it gets. The
most popular company in Germany for
integrated kitchen appliances.
Smeg is a long established Italian
company. Smeg build some seriously
stylish, possibly even beautiful
appliances. They are as good as it
gets in terms of looks.
Smeg products are quite expensive,
often badly assembled, and definitely
NOT as reliable as the other brands on
this page.