Landice Treadmills
Landice build some of the world's finest
state-of-the-art treadmills. Made in
the USA, Landice treadmills have won
countless awards for design and build
quality that have made them favourite
choice for commercial gyms, professional
sports clubs, and the armed services.

The Landice L9 Club Executive (left)
features a computer-animated video
display with state-of-the-art graphics. It
has built in programs including user
defined and heart rate and 6 fitness
tests including Balke, Firefighter, Army,

Included is a wireless-chest-strap
heart-rate monitoring system as well as
the Accutrack contact heart-rate
monitoring system.

Landice treadmills are expensive - but
that's because they use only the finest
components throughout the machine.
The frame is built from aircraft standard
aluminium, the 4hp motor can run all day
without overheating, the deck is more
stable and better padded than just about
any other treadmill on the market. etc etc.

Our verdict: If you have the money, and
you want the best, forget the rest and
buy a Landice.
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Landice Treadmills
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