Are AEG washing machines any good?

AEG is part of The Electrolux Group - and they make stylish high-tech washing machines.

Reliability is excellent, and AEG machines are well priced.

AEG machines are well built - and come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
They also use cutting-edge technology - for example, they pioneered a circuit that will detect when your laundry is out of
balance and re-jig it accordingly, ensuring minimum wear and tear to the drum bearings.
AEG machines also detect less than full loads, so if too much detergent has been used, extra rinses will be triggered.

All AEG machines have a Biowash phase: this precedes the main wash and ensures that the enzymes in the detergent are
released at the correct temperature for optimum results.

Our Washing Machine Repair Man says...
AEG washing machines are highly technical - which can make them difficult to repair. Luckily they are also very reliable -
so calls to the repair-man should be rare.

The Fuzzy Logic technology is a great idea, especially on the bigger machines. Big machines can get out of balance with
small loads, and this can cause serious wear to bearings etc. But this doesn't happen with AEG machines.

Where to buy an AEG washing machine online?
Buying a washing machine online is more complicated than it was before coronavirus.
For more information about avoiding the risks and frustrations of choosing the wrong outlet, click

Our highest recommendation goes to John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand washing machines, their prices are competitive, they offer better guarantees
than just about anybody else, customer service is second to none, their payment system is totally secure, they keep their
promises regarding delivery times, and the John Lewis name offers complete peace of mind.
Our red link above will take you straight to the correct page on their website.

We also recommend
Currys for their prices and their delivery times. However, customer service could be a lot better. We
have phoned them a few times and have been on hold for around an hour each time before being simply cut off! We know
these are difficult times but this is poor service from one Britain's biggest names.

ao,com have impressed us with their choice of products, their rapid delivery times and their customer service.

Appliances Direct also have a good selection of quality products at reasonable prices. Delivery is usually reliable, but we
have had experience of them altering delivery dates by several days after we have placed an order.  
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