The Top Ten Site does NOT recommend Hotpoint washing machines - they are notoriously unreliable!
As are all other washing-machines built by Merloni (now called Indesit) - including Creda, Indesit and Ariston.
Hotpoint was once a proud British manufacturer of pretty good washing-machines.
But the company is now owned by Indesit, and all UK production of washing machines has ceased.

Hotpoint is now just a famous badge on a very shabby product.

Hotpoint washing machines look great - but please be warned, they are all glamour and almost no substance!
They are ridiculously unreliable - and we sincerely advise you to avoid them!

And don't be fooled by the "Five Year Parts Guarantee" - its a big fat con!
Parts on these machines break all the time - because they are cheap! When a component breaks, the company will replace it
under the guarantee - but YOU will have to pay for their engineer to come out and fit it- and that costs a fortune.

On the 14th May 2013 Indesit and Hotpoint initiated a safety-recall on some of their washing machines - because the drum
can tear itself apart - causing the machine to violently self-destruct - with debris flying everywhere!

If you are unfortunate enough to already own an Indesit or Hotpoint washing-machine, PLEASE visit this link to ensure that
you and your loved ones are not at risk.  
indesit hotpoint safety recall
Hotpoint Washing Machines,  Indesit Washing machines,  Creda Washing-Machines.
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All of the above are built by the same company - Indesit, formely known as Merloni. They own several other brands too.
This company builds some truly dire washing-machines, and in our opinion, they should be avoided like the plague!
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