Candy Group is a privately owned Italian company, founded in 1946.
They built the first fully automatic washing machine (in the 1960s)
and they dominated the Italian domestic appliance market.

In recent years they have acquired dozens of other companies world-wide -
including the formerly British
Hoover Company. Immediately after taking over Hoover -
they closed all the UK factories and shifted production to the far east.

Today Candy and Hoover washing machines are almost identical - and equally dire!
They are cheaply built, and reliability is practically non-existent!

They try to conceal their lack of reliability with a 5 Year "Parts" Warranty -
This is a con!
The parts in these machines break all the time - because they are cheap!
Candy or Hoover will replace the cheap part under the warranty -
but YOU will have to pay for their engineer to come out and fit it - and that costs a fortune!

Exploding Candy & Hoover Washing Machines
In recent years there have been many documented examples of
Candy & Hoover washing machines (models with fast spin cycles)  "Exploding".  
They are so badly built - the fast spin-cycle is too much for them -
and they actually tear themselves apart!

Our Engineer says...
Candy and Hoover were once proud names -
but now they are just badges on some of the worst washing machines I have ever seen

When I dismantle these machines and see how badly they are made
(and how cheap and nasty many of their components are)
I am amazed that they work at all!
And most of them don't work for very long!
If you buy a Candy or Hoover washing machine -
you should expect it to break down - often!

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