Are Miele Washing Machines any Good?

Miele is a German manufacturer of domestic appliances with a huge reputation for quality and
reliability. The company was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and has been a family-owned,
family-run company ever since.

Miele still build all of their products in Europe, mostly in Germany.

Miele make the most reliable washing machines in the world.
Our research tells us that this is true!
If you want reliability - and you can afford the best  - buy a Miele.

Miele machines are expensive - but well worth the money.

Also, when it comes to street-cred and bragging rights, nothing can match a Miele.

If you can't afford a top of the range model - even a basic Miele washing machine will be more than a
match for anything else on the market.

Where to buy Miele washing machines in The UK?

Our highest recommendation goes to  John Lewis
They have a good selection of Miele washing machines in stock, their prices are extremely competitive,
they offer better guarantees than just about anybody else, customer service is second to none, they keep
their promises regarding delivery times, their payment system is totally secure, and the John Lewis name
offers complete peace of mind.

This link will take you directly to the John Lewis
Miele washing machines page

We also recommend
Currys for their prices and their delivery times. However, customer service could be
a lot better. We have phoned them several times and have been on hold for around an hour each time. is a company that keeps it promises regarding delivery times, and their customer service is

Appliances Direct also have a good selection of quality products at reasonable prices. Delivery is
usually reliable, but we have had experience of them altering delivery dates by several days after we
have placed an order.  
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