Are Samsung washing machines any good?

is the latest washing machine manufacturer to enter our top ten.
They blasted their way in with one of the most impressive long-term tests we have witnessed!

We have been running long-term tests on Samsung washers for two years now.
We always place our test machines with families who log every wash and every problem.
The Samsung washing machines in our tests were worked very hard by their host families - full loads six or seven days a
week, every week for two years - and the results?

Not a single repair, not a single breakdown, not even a hiccup. No problems at all!

Samsung washing machines offer sturdy build-quality, excellent reliability, and terrific value of money.
In their price range they may well be the best washing machines on the market today.

Some people call them "chunky" or even "ugly", but we think they look fine.
And remember, washing machines are a lot like men -
the best looking ones are not usually the most reliable!

Where to buy a Samsung washing machine online?
Buying a washing machine online is more complicated than it was before coronavirus.
For more information about avoiding the risks and frustrations of choosing the wrong outlet, click

In our opinion the best place to buy a Samsung Washing machine is John Lewis
Their prices are competitive, they have an excellent choice, their payment system is totally secure, their
customer service is second to none, they keep their promises regarding delivery times, and they offer better
guarantees than just about anyone else.

We also recommend
Currys for their prices and their delivery times. However, customer service could be a
lot better. We have phoned them several times and have been on hold for around an hour each time before
being simply cut off! We know these are difficult times, but this is poor service from a major outlet. is a company that keeps it promises regarding delivery times, and their customer service is excellent.

Appliances Direct also have a good selection of quality products at reasonable prices. Delivery is usually
reliable, but we have had experience of them altering delivery dates by several days after we have placed an
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