How reliable are Zanussi washing machines?

Zanussi is part of the Swedish based Electrolux group where QUALITY still means something.
As you would expect, Zanussi washing machines are not as reliable as some of the more expensive brands, like
Miele or Siemens, but within their price range, they are excellent.  

Our Washing Machine Repair Man says...
Zanussi have impressed a lot over the past few years. Build quality is good.
And mid-price range Zanussi washing machines are fantastic value for money.

As you move up their price range, you are paying for fancy features rather than
better build quality. I personally would not spend that extra money on a Zanussi.
I would go for a more up-market brand -  AEG, Siemens, or even a low-end Miele.

Our Verdict:
The vast majority of people in our customer satisfaction surveys were very happy with their
Zanussi washing machines - and said that they would buy Zanussi again.
For the money, low and mid-range Zanussi washing machines are hard to beat.
But if you can afford a top-end Zanussi - maybe you should be looking at AEG etc.

Where to buy a Zanussi washing machine?

Our highest recommendation goes to John Lewis
Their prices are competitive, they have an excellent choice, their payment system is totally secure,
their customer service is second to none, they keep their promises regarding delivery times, and
they offer better guarantees than just about anyone else.

We also recommend
Currys for their prices and their delivery times. However, customer service
could be a lot better. We have phoned them several times and have been on hold for around an
hour each time. is a company that keeps it promises regarding delivery times, and their customer service is

Appliances Direct also have a good selection of quality products at reasonable prices. Delivery is
usually reliable, but we have had experience of them altering delivery dates by several days after we
have placed an order.  
Zanussi Washers / Washing Machines
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