ayers rock glowing in the sunlight, uluru at sunrise
Uluru (The Living Rock) also known as Ayers Rock, is a mystical, magical sandstone outcrop in the
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, 440 km southwest of Alice Springs in the Australian Outback.
It has many springs, water-holes, rock caves and ancient paintings.
It is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area.
It is listed twice as a World Heritage Site - for its natural beauty and for its paintings.
It is one of Australia's best known natural wonders and tourist sites.
Despite its isolated location it is a must-visit for anybody travelling to Australia.
Ayers Rock - Uluru - Australia


By plane
run scheduled flights from all Australian capital cities to Alice Springs.
Alice Airport is still 450+km from the rock - so don't jump in a cab and say "Uluru!" -
you'll need a mortgage to pay the fare!

Quantas can also fly you to Connellan Airport - which is much closer to Uluru -
but accommodation is limited here,
so it's best to book both your flight and your accommodation well in advance.

By train
The journey to Alice by train is highly recommended - if you have the time.
The legendary
Ghan runs twice a week right across Australia from Adelaide to Darwin with
Alice-Springs bang in the middle! Book early and get a sleeper.

By road
The drive to Alice is long and arduous!
It is not a trip for the faint-hearted or the easily bored. Landmarks (and fuel stops) are few and far between,
accommodation is hit and miss, and breaking down can be a nightmare. To put things into perspective, Uluru is, by Aussie
standards, just up the road from Alice - but it still takes five hours by car!


By car
The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is 465 km or five hours on the road.
Rental cars are plentiful in Alice - but we recommend that you rent from one of our "Trusted Companies" and book early.

By Coach
There are countless coach and bus companies running trips from Alice to Uluru.
Some of them are very good, and some of them are not!
Check the online travel blogs to get some idea of what is available.
Or book ahead with one of our "Recommended Companies."
If you don't like it too hot - avoid the high summer months Dec, Jan, Feb.  Otherwise - any time is a good time!
It's not just the sheep that can get fleeced over here!
The vast, vast majority of Australians are honest, fair-minded and great fun to be around!
But like any country in the world, we have our share of thieves, rip-off artists and con-men.
Don't let these bandits ruin your trip of a lifetime. Take care with your money and your valuables.

We also strongly advise you to choose your excursions carefully.
There are lots of cheap and nasty trips for sale in Alice. Most of them involve a long ride in a stuffy coach, a trite
description of the rock, a few minutes to take photographs - and then the long haul back to town!

Remember, Uluru is one of the great natural wonders of the world.
Your visit here should be memorable - for all the right reasons!
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