Getting the most for your money in Benidorm
1. Accommodation. Never book direct with a hotel or apartment building.
Check our Benidorm Accommodation section for the best places to stay.
Choose one that you like the look of - but DO NOT BOOK DIRECT WITH THE HOTEL. Here's why...
Each hotel has set prices and they have very little scope for offering discounts to individual tourists.
On the other hand, reputable agencies book hundreds of rooms at a time, and they get huge discounts for doing so.

Example: In November we rented an apartment in Benidorm for two weeks. The going rate was 32 Euros a night.
But when we scanned the reputable agencies we managed to get the same apartment for just
EIGHT Euros a night!
Admittedly this was a late booking but it shows what can be achieved if you know where to look.

2. All Inclusive holidays provide the best value now.
A few years ago, all-inclusive holidays were for lazy, wealthy or elderly tourists who didn't want to leave their hotel.
And they were not cheap. These days, things are different. All inclusive holidays now are for people on a budget - but only
if you shop around the online agencies.

Example; In January 2013 we found a ten day all inclusive holiday at the Hotel Gran Bali. The deal included flights from
England, ten nights in Europe's tallest hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus all drinks and snacks included in the price.
How much? £205 per person! That's a steal!
2. Food & Drink.  Making the wrong choices could double the cost of your holiday!
This may sound drastic - but it's true. A year or so ago, it was impossible to buy an over-priced meal in Benidorm.
But that is definitely no longer the case.

The cheapest places to eat are the Chinese restaurants.
Most of them offer either a free buffet "Buffet Libre" - where you can eat as much as you want for around eight Euros,
or a "Happy Menu" offering a three course meal with a half a pint of beer or half a bottle of wine for less than five Euros.  

The Admiral Nelson Pub. - This is an English style pub, but it is run by a wonderful Spanish couple named Rosa and Miguel.
Here you can enjoy the menu of the day "Menu Del Dia" - a great selection of
huge three course meals for just six Euros.
We dine at The Admiral Nelson often - and we highly recommend it. You'll find it marked on our
Benidorm Map

Many restaurants have a Menu of The Day - Make use of them.
Seriously consider an All-Inclusive holiday and avoid having to buy any food and drink.

Avoid ice-cream parlours - they are ridiculously expensive (five or six Euros for an ice-cream!)
Admittedly their ice-creams are amazing - but do you really want to spend £25 for four ice-creams!
If your kids want an ice-cream - take them to McDonalds where they cost less than a Euro each!

The cost of drinks varies drastically from bar to bar.
Choose the right bars and you'll pay just One Euro for a pint of lager - Cheers!
Choose the wrong bars and you'll pay up to four Euros for the same pint!

Bars along the seafront charge higher prices - If you walk just a few yards away from the beach, you'll pay much less.
Bars with live music or cabaret charge extra for their drinks.
Hundreds of Benidorm bars have a "Happy Hour" when drinks are half price.
You can easily find a happy hour at any time of the day!
For a cheap pint close to Levante Beach - try the
Piccadilly Circus Pub - One Euro a pint, day and night.
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