The old-fashioned hot-plate is almost extinct - unless you buy a range-cooker.
So that leaves most of us with two choices when choosing an electric hob.
Ceramic or Induction - what's the difference and which is best?
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Electric Hobs
Best place to buy one?

Our highest recommendation goes to
John Lewis
They stock an excellent range of hobs.

Their prices are very competitive, they
offer the best guarantees on the Internet,
their customer service is second to none,
And the John Lewis name offers
customers total peace of mind.

Our link will take you to their hobs section.
Ceramic Hobs and Induction Hobs look very similar - both have a glass-ceramic cover - but they work in very different ways.

Ceramic hobs get hot - they heat up and glow. And they transfer their heat into the cooking pot or pan.
They are similar in many ways to the old- fashioned hot-plate - but far easier to clean.
If you put your hand on a ceramic hob - it will burn you.
Ceramic hobs use more electricity - they cook more slowly, their heat is less controllable - but they are silent and cheaper to buy.
Prices for a decent ceramic hob start at around £250 - some of the lesser brands are cheaper, but we don't recommend them.
The best ceramic hobs are made by Miele, Siemens, Zanussi, AEG, Samsung, and John Lewis.  AVOID BELLING HOBS.

Induction hobs do not get hot.
They work by creating a magnetic field which excites the molecules in the pot (only iron or stainless steel will work) causing the pot to get hot.
If you put your hand on an induction hob - even if it is on full blast - it will feel cool, like nothing is happening.
Induction hobs are more energy efficient, they cook faster, and their heat can be adjusted instantly - almost like a gas hob.
Induction hobs are not silent - they have cooling fans, and they can also cause a low humming sound in the pot or pan.
They are also more expensive to buy - and they haven't been around long enough for us to have any long-term reliability information.
Prices for a decent Induction Hob start at around £400 - again, some lesser brands are cheaper, but we don't trust them.
The best induction hobs are made by Siemens, Miele, Zanussi, AEG, John Lewis (built by Electrolux), and Panasonic.
Zanussi Ceramic Hob
Miele Induction Hob
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