Top Ten Electric Rotary Lawn Mowers
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Corded electric rotary mowers are by far the most popular choice for domestic use.
They are cheaper to buy, lightweight and they need little or no maintenance.

These are our Top Corded Electric Rotary Lawn Mower Choices
If you want those coveted stripes on your lawn - choose a model with a roller
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Mountfield Princess Corded Electric Rotary Roller Lawn Mower

Available in various blade widths - this one is the widest at 42CM.
Powerful 1800w motor, 42cm cutting width, 50 litre grass box
Rear roller for striped effect when used on the lower cutting settings.
Mulching feature - collect cuttings in the box or mulch them using mulching plug supplied.

The Mountfield Princess is the ideal mower for small - medium size lawns.
It is one of the few rotary mowers with a roller - giving you that much desired striped lawn!
Cleverly designed, well-built, and with a powerful brushless induction motor, the Mountfield
Princess should provide many years of reliable service.  
A great, no-frills, no-fuss lawnmower at a down to earth price. Click the link below
to see it in store at the best price we could find from a RELIABLE outlet.
Bosch Advanced Rotak Rotary Lawn Mower.  
Bosch make reliable products across the range, and that includes their lawnmowers.
The model shown here is the BOSCH Advanced Rotak 750 Corded Rotary Lawn Mower.
This is in their higher price range at around £300 - there are cheaper models but we haven't
tested them.
This one has a plenty powerful 1700 watt motor, a generous 45cm cutting width, it has seven
adjustable cutting heights, a substantial 50 litre cuttings box - so you are not continuously
stopping to empty it, and side combs to create neater edges to your lawn.

It is also very comfortable to operate, pretty quiet, and it folds away easily for storage.

A quality mower, suitable for long-term regular home use.
Recommended Outlet For This lawnmower? This link will take you to the correct page at     Currys
Hyundai Electric 1600W 230V Rotary Lawnmower with Rear Roller

Hyundai may not be first brand you think of when buying a lawnmower - but their products
are actually very good, and this little beauty impressed us a lot!

It has everything you need to perfectly maintain a small lawn, at an incredible price.
It's plenty powerful enough for home use, it's intelligent design makes it very user-friendly.
It's versatile too - It can cut, it can mulch, and it can stripe your lawn nicely with its rear roller.

Hyundai lawnmowers start at around £79 - which is incredible!
This one is mid-range and retails at around £130.
All Hyudai lawnmowers come with a three year guarantee - which tells us that the
manufacturer is confident about the reliability and durability of their products.

All in all this would be a difficult lawnmower to beat within its price range.
And see the full range of Hyundai Lawn Mowers    HERE
Cobra MX46SPE Self Propelled Corded Electric Mower

Very rare for an electric lawnmower - The Cobra MX46SPE is self-propelling.
This makes it far less strenuous to operate, especially on slopes and inclines.
All you need to do is follow it and steer!

It's also sturdily built, stylish and great value for money.
46cm cutting width 7 height adjustments.
A Powerful 1800w electric motor makes easy work of mowing even longer grass.
Large 60 litre (bigger than most) collection bag with hard top. You can also dispense with the
box and take advantage of:- rear discharge of clippings, or side discharge of clippings, or
mulch the clippings with the mulching feature. It also has a fairly generous 15 metre cable.

A practical, sturdy (and fairly heavy) choice from a top-name lawnmower brand.
Hayter Spirit 41 Electric Rear Roller Lawn mower

Hayter is one of the very top lawnmower brands - the number one choice for self-employed
professional gardeners in Britain. We were expecting great things from this domestic model.
And we were not disappointed. The Hayter Spirit Electric Lawn Mower is beautifully designed
and superbly put together, using materials very rarely used in domestic mowers. It has a
strong, lightweight aluminium chassis and a tough aluminium and plastic body. Its 1500w
motor is quiet and smooth. It has rubber rimmed wheels with ball-bearing hubs. All of the
controls operate smoothly and easily. It has front fins that lift the grass for a better quality
cut. It has seven very easy to set height adjustments. And a full-width ribbed rear roller for
that perfect striped lawn. Plus is comes with a three year manufacturer's guarantee.

Possibly the Rolls-Royce of electric rotary mowers. But not cheap!
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