Top Push Petrol Lawn Mowers
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Petrol driven lawn mowers are tougher and more powerful than the competition.  
They are the weapon of choice for just about every professional gardener.
But petrol mowers are not just for professionals.
Most of the top manufacturers produce semi-professional and domestic models.
Mountfield S421HP Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Mountfield have been making solid, reliable, great value lawn mowers for a very long time.
This offering from the range is a quality hand-propelled mower at a great price.
41cm cutting width, Mountfield 139cc OHV engine, Single adjustment lever - 6 positions.
60 litre grass collector with bag full indicator
4-in-1: Collect, rear & side discharge, plus eco-friendly mulching feature.

Not self-propelled - so you have to push it, which could be hard work for some.

A solid, no-frills, no-fuss lawnmower that should provide many years of service.
Genuine quality and great value - costs less than a cordless battery mower!
Comes with a two year manufacturers warranty.
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AL-KO Highline 42.7 P-A Petrol Lawnmower

AL-KO lawn mowers are built in Germany and Austria - and they are built to last.
This entry-level model will set you back less than £250 - which is an absolute bargain for a
mower of this quality. It shares many features and components with its professional siblings,
including a steel cutting deck for extra strength, and ball-bearing wheels for easy movement.
It has a 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine to make easy work of cutting even the toughest
grass. It has a 42cm cutting width and seven height adjustments. It can store plenty of
clippings in its 65litre box, or it can mulch them into nutrients for the lawn. It's quite heavy
(29kg) and you have to push it, but the ball bearing wheels make that fairly easy.

Comes with a five year manufacturers warranty.
Honda Izy 41 Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn mower

The legend lives on!
Honda Izy lawn mowers have been immensely popular with professional and domestic
gardeners all over the world for a long time. And they are popular because they are brilliant.

The Honda name brings peace of mind when it comes to quality, design, technology and
reliability. Nothing is more robust or more dependable than a Honda.

This Honda Izy 41 Push mower has a 41 cm blade width, and a powerful Honda 4-stroke OHC
engine with a displacement of 160cc.This machine is easy to start, easy to handle, and easy
to maintain. And it costs less than most cordless battery operated electric lawn mowers!

Plus it comes with a manufacturer's 5 year warranty for domestic users.
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Webb WERR17P Hand-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower

Webb is a fairly new brand (launched in 2011), but is becoming popular with professional and
semi-professional gardeners in the UK. This model is in their mid-range, it is a quality mower
and is great value for money.

Six cutting heights - 23-77mm
Briggs & Stratton 500e engine
Rear Roller for a striped lawn.
Three cutting options - collect, discharge or mulch
Single lever height adjustment - 6 heights
55 litre cuttings box
A solid domestic mower at a very good price, and a two year guarantee.
But at 25 kilos, and not self-propelled, it may be a tad heavy for some people.
Hayter Spirit 41 Push Petrol Rear Roller Lawn mower
Hayter is the number one choice for self-employed professional gardeners in Britain.
The Hayter Spirit 41 Lawn Mower is beautifully designed and superbly put together, using
quality materials throughout. It has a Briggs & Stratton 450 series low emission engine. It has
a strong, lightweight aluminium chassis and a tough aluminium and plastic body. It has rubber
rimmed wheels with race ball-bearing hubs. All of the controls operate smoothly and easily.
It has front fins that lift the grass for a better quality cut. It has seven very easy to set height
adjustments. And a full-width ribbed rear roller for that perfect striped lawn.
Plus it comes with a three year manufacturer's guarantee.
A top quality machine, British built, and highly recommended by all the experts.
Our first five choices are "Push" or "Hand-Propelled" models.
They require the user to do the work of pushing them back and forth across the lawn.
Push models are cheaper, but petrol mowers are heavy and pushing them can be tiring.
If you are not interested in push models - click this link to go straight to
self-propelled petrol lawnmowers