REMBRANDT INTENSE STAIN toothpaste, is the
number one best-selling stain-removal toothpaste
in America. It can be used every day to remove tough
stains, and actively strengthen tooth enamel.

Helps fight stains like red wine, coffee and tobacco.
Eucryl ToothPowder is like scouring-powder for your
teeth. It's abrasive formula literally scours the stains
away - better than any other product we have tested.
The results with Eucryl are instant - and very impressive.
You can't use this stuff every day - you would have no
enamel left on your teeth! But for the occasional hard
polish - nothing can beat it.
Clynomyn Smokers Toothpaste is proof that you don't
have to spend a fortune to have stain-free teeth - even if
you are a heavy smoker. This stuff costs a fraction of the
fancy "Teeth-whitening" products on today's market, yet it
works at least as well as any of them. New scientific BS
is no substitute for tried and tested products like
Clinomyn. It tastes pretty good too!
Euthymol is a flouride-free, old-fashioned stain
removal toothpaste. Its packaging, its pink colour,
and its strong medicinal taste tell us that it hasn't
changed in several decades - because it didn't need
to! The active ingredient, Thymol, is a strong
anti-septic, and Euthymol is abrasive enough to
remove even the toughest stains on your teeth.
With the help of some heavy smoking, coffee and red-wine drinking volunteers - we tested every stain-removal toothpaste on the market.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to stain-removal toothpaste.
Scrape the stains off with an abrasive - or leave them where they are, but bleach them white.

Abrasives work better, they work faster, and the results feel superior - but you can't use them every day, because they work by scouring the
stains away - like scouring a pan in your kitchen - and they don't just remove the stains - they can also remove some tooth-enamel.

Tooth-whitening products work by bleaching the stains white - so whatever is staining your teeth is still there - you just can't see it.
These products work more slowly than abrasives - but they are more gentle and you can use them every day.
Top Ten 10 Stain-Removal Toothpastes
Plus White is a company best known for its
teeth-bleaching kits and other teeth-whitening
products. But they also make some very good
stain-removal toothpastes. We tested them all, and
we think that the Xtra Whitening Gel is the best of the
bunch. It uses a bleach formula - so it is not actually
removing the stains - it is just bleaching them white!