Teeth Whitening Treatments / Procedures
Teeth whitening is a group of procedures that lighten teeth and help to remove stains.
It can significantly improve how your teeth look - and give you a terrific confidence boost.

The most popular procedures are:-

Chemical teeth whitening - or Teeth Bleaching.
Teeth bleaching is chemical process used to lighten the patient's teeth.
Bleaching can be performed entirely in the cosmetic dentist's office or it can be performed by the patient at
home. Do it Yourself kits for this type of teeth whitening are readily available in several online stores.

Gel & Light Teeth Whitening
The latest type of chemical whitening is Gel & Light Teeth Whitening - using a special light with a whitening gel.
A translucent bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a light is used to activate whitening crystals in the gel.
This type of treatment is also available as Do-it-Yourself kits.

Laser teeth whitening.
This is very similar to the Gel & Light method. Gel is applied to the teeth, the enamel on the teeth absorbs the
gel, and then a laser light is used to activate the whitening crystals in the gel. A laser penetrates deeper into the
enamel than a non-laser light - so more crystals are activated, and the whitening effect is greater.
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