The Top 10 Ten Laser Printers
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Quality, Reliability, Value for Money, and Customer Satisfaction.
If speed is important - you should consider a laser printer.
A good laser printer can churn out up to 35 pages per minute - with no loss of quality.
That's pretty fast compared to an inkjet printer - which can possibly manage 2 pages a minute!

For office-type documents and making multiple prints - a laser printer definitely has the edge!
Mono Laser printers start at around £60 - much cheaper than they were a couple of years ago.
A decent
colour laser printer, however, will set you back around £300.

The best laser printers for small business use are made by Brother and Samsung.
Our highest recommendation goes to John Lewis
They have an excellent selection of the best printers on the market.
Their guarantees are better than most other outlets, their payment system is totally secure, and their customer service is second to none.
Highly recommended!
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