The Aurora Borealis flickers across the northern sky on a regular basis, day and night, all year round.
But, like the moon and stars, it is only visible when the sky is dark.

The northern skies don't get dark in summer - so the best time to see The Aurora is on a clear winter's night.
Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb are good - but nights are cold!  
 Sept, Oct, Mar & April are best.
Generally speaking, the best place to see the Northern Lights is as far north as you can get.
But sometimes it makes sense to exchange a few degrees of latitude for some comfort, convenience and safety.
Watching the Aurora from a warm, safe, comfortable location is not against the rules! This is not survival training!
There are plenty of great towns to choose from. My own particular favourite is Fairbanks.

FAIRBANKS has fabulous Aurora views.
Plus it is easy to reach and it has decent roads, lodgings and dining facilities.
There are some good hotels here too - the nicest of them all (in our view) is The All Seasons Inn.

Around Fairbanks you'll find that Chena Hot Springs is as good as it gets!
Superb facilities - including hot pools and tubs! Book early!

A Taste of Alaska Lodge is a also a great place to stay.
You can get a deluxe cabin complete with dining room and hot tub!
Or you can stay in the main lodge where each room has a view of the Alaska Range and a Lookout Bed.
FAIRBANKS has buses and taxis available all year round. You can also rent a car - but choose carefully!
We have had very mixed experiences with rental cars in Alaska -  
and the last thing you want is to break down here in winter!

We don't recommend that you drive in Alaska in winter except within the cities.
If you must venture further afield - use a local company (taxi, bus, air-taxi etc).
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