The Grand Canyon is so huge and so spectacular that it is impossible to do it justice with a few photographs.
Words cannot convey its majesty either!
You simply have to go there and experience it for yourself!

Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, the canyon is around 277 miles (446 km) long!

There are many ways to see this
incredible wonder - including walking trips, mule-treks, flights in small aircraft, and white water rafting
expeditions. Whatever your age, whatever your fitness-level, whatever your budget, there is a vacation of a lifetime just waiting to be enjoyed.
You must, must, must see The Grand Canyon - it's unforgettable!
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The Grand Canyon has around 5 million visitors a year. Most of them stick to the South Rim, which has easier access to abundance of
viewpoints via paved walk-ways and tracks. The North Rim is less accessible, less vehicle-friendly, and has far fewer visitors.
The Inner canyon is least accessible and has comparatively few visitors.

Expect heavy crowds during spring, summer, and autumn months. You will find fewer crowds in early spring or late autumn.
The South Rim is open year round, but heavy snows close the road to the North Rim from
late October to mid May of each year.

The North Rim is higher and wetter than the South Rim.
It has 25 inches of rain a year compared to the South's 16 inches.
The inner Canyon is a desert with less than 8" of rain a year.
Temperatures vary widely too. The floor of the canyon can reach 120 degrees in June-July, with much lower temperatures along the rims.

Summer temperatures on the Rims are a pleasant (50° to 80°F)
but lower down in the inner canyon - temperatures are extreme.
Daytime highs often exceed 100° F (38° C).

Winter conditions at the South Rim can be tough: expect snow, icy roads, and possible road closures. Temperatures are low, and with the
wind-chill factor can at times drop below 0° F (-18° C).
Canyon views may be obscured during winter storms; in such cases, entrance fees are not refundable.
The North Rim is closed in winter.

Spring and Autumn weather is extremely unpredictable.
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