Top 10 Ten Diets / Weight Loss Programs 2014
If you have a LOT of weight to lose, make no mistake, you're going to war!
It won't be easy - but it CAN be done. Using the same techniques and tools
as the TV series, The Biggest Loser Club is the best website we have seen
to help you win this war. They provide personal eating plans, exercise
plans, and the MOTIVATION you’ll need to change your body and your life.
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The top ten 10 diets and weight-loss programmes.
With the help of dozens of volunteers, The Top Ten Site has conducted its own
independent diet and weight-loss programme tests.
These are the Top Ten 10 Most Successful Diets we could find...
Weight Watchers is the most experienced weight-loss company on the
planet - by far! They have always adapted with the times, and kept up with
the latest weight-loss science and psychology. Their most recent
innovation is an easy to follow online weight-loss system. It has millions of
followers - and its share of critics. Does it work, and is it worth the money?
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"Boosshing" is a simple, new and very popular way to lose any
amount of weight from 5lbs to 140lbs or more.
Basically, Boossh send you "Mealpaks" that supply all of your nutritional
needs with a minimum of calories.
A very fast way to lose weight - but is it the ideal solution for you?
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Ten years ago Dr Robert Atkins took the weight-loss world by storm with
his revolutionary ideas about low-carb dieting. The Atkins Diet was, and
possibly still is, the fastest working diet in history, but it was controversial.
Many "experts" said low-carb dieting was dangerous. Ten years on, has
science proved that Dr Atkins was right - and the "experts" were wrong?
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The Atkins Diet    (Best choice for men!)
Devised by French Doctor, Pierre Dukan, The Dukan Diet is a high-protein
low carb diet (similar to The Atkins Diet). It uses four phases, attack,
cruise, consolidate, and stabilise. Very popular in 2012 due to rumours
that Kate Middleton used it to get into perfect shape for her Royal wedding.
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Slimming World is primarily a weight-loss club - with members attending
meetings for advice and support. There is no calorie counting, no points
systems, and no foods are banned. The emphasis is on changing your
eating habits - with a lot of moral support from your local group.
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Saints & Slimmers describes itself as a "Life Enhancer" rather than a diet.
and expert advice - all of it FREE.  The only thing you have to pay for is
their home delivery meals and snacks - but there is no pressure to buy.
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Diet Chef is the tastiest of the new style "Home Delivery Diet Systems".
Their chef-prepared meals are VERY palatable!  Choose from over 100
breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, all calorie counted and delivered
to your door. Good value for money too. But there is a downside...
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GI stands for Glycemic Index - a way of measuring how quickly the body  
metabolises food. Foods with a low GI score are more filling and they
release their energy more slowly, leaving you satisfied for longer. This
allows you to eat smaller portions and to avoid the need for snacks
between meals.
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The GI Diet
The Cambridge Diet is essentially a meal-replacement plan. Weight loss on
this diet can be very  dramatic. The meal replacements are nutritionally
balanced so you get the vitamins and minerals you need. The Cambridge
Diet is great for short term rapid weight loss, but it has its down side...
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The Cambridge Diet
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